Rose Gold Sculpting Massager

Therapeutic facial massage tool
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Rose Gold beauty tools are bar none, plus they provide the same benefits as our top-selling 24k Gold Sculpting Massager!

The beauty done right sculpting massager is designed to promote and protect skin health by administering thousands of vibrations per second to promote:

  • an increased and stimulated blood flow, a requirement for healthy and radiant skin, and new collagen production.
  • an increased absorption rate and delivery of nutrients in serums.
  • helps to reduce eye puffiness, swelling & water retention, aids in lymphatic drainage.
  • may aide with the relief of sinus drainage, migraine pain, tension headaches & TMJ.
  • may serve as a nerve distractor for injections.

“From the Expert”

Always remember that when we want to lift + sculpt to use upward movements with medium pressure.  Redness is a good indicator that blood flow is in motion.  Adjust your pressure according to what feels good. 

Draining excess fluids requires a light pressure with downward motion.

Drink lots of water before + after completing any type of massage or draining technique, this aides with the excretion of stagnant lymph and toxins.