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Ultra Beam Selfie Ring Light

UltraLight Beam Ring
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Designed to help you capture your best selfie, even in the darkest places, the bdr UltraLight Beam Ring light adds beautiful natural light for enhanced photo clarity and luminosity. The bdr UltraBeam Ringlight is a beauty essential for on-the-go occasions, quick touch-ups, and works as a great alternative when other lighting options aren't available.

The featherweight rubber guards help protect delicate electronic surfaces without adding additional weight or bulkiness, and specially designed non-burnout lights prolong the bdr selfie ring light's lifespan.

How to Use

Bonus Uses

  • Flashlight 
  • Concert Lights
  • Product Photography Lighting
  • Demo & Live Stream Lighting


To turn on and increase brightness:

  • Press the button on the back of the light once.  Brightness will increase up to 2x with each press of the button.

To create a blinking effect:

  • Hold the button for two seconds.
  • Press the button again to power off.
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